teleidoscope (n) :

A teleidoscope is an optical device that very similarly resembles a kaleidoscope. In fact, it almost performs the exact same function in creating beautiful patterns using light and mirrors in a cylindrical tube. A teleidoscope, however, uses objects outside of the device rather than inside (the way a kaleidoscope does). On the opposite of the eyepiece is a dome-like lens to constantly allow light to enter the tube, so that when the device is pressed against an external object to observe, light is not blocked off from entering (which would thus result in a lack of any image).

So… why a teleidoscope? Apart from the cool name and fascinating mechanics of the device, a teleidoscope is exactly what I want my pieces to be like. I want my short stories to draw beautiful patterns and connections from external memories and experiences. I want them to weave together objective moments in our lives into something that can be meaningful to the audience. And most importantly, I will take credit for nothing that I write – these masterpieces result from the Light, namely Jesus Christ. Apart from Him, there are no stories.

This is my teleidoscope. I welcome you to peer into it and see how God is using my experiences to grow me and hopefully others as well!